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How Do Propane Gas Fire Pit Table Work?


Propanegasfire pittableare essentially high-powered propane burners, much like what you’d find on a camp stove. The difference is that these devices are designed to burn much hotter – usually more than 50,000 BTU. This is hot enough to simulate the warmth and ambiance that you’d get from creating a wood fire at a campsite.

Regardless of their size, shape, or design, all propanegasfire pittablebasically work the same way. At a minimum, they feature a large burner, a connector hose, and a propane tank.

To operate one of these fire pittable, you simply need to open up the propane tank and ignite the fumes. Most models will come with some sort of auto-ignition system. However, you can always light them using a long-tipped lighter if things go awry.

Before going to bed, you just need to turn off thegasfire pittableby closing the valve on the propane tank. It’s as simple as that.