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The classification of the BBQ grill


1. According to different heat sources(BBQ grill)
According to different heat sources, barbecue ovens can be divided into charcoal barbecue ovens, gas barbecue ovens and electric barbecue ovens.

Charcoal barbecue oven is a barbecue oven with solid charcoal as raw material and combustion heat as heat source; The gas-fired barbecue oven can be divided into liquefied gas barbecue oven and natural gas barbecue oven. It has a combustion network and relies on the combustion of liquefied gas and natural gas as the heat source respectively; Electric barbecue ovens convert electric energy into heat energy. Common media include electric heating tubes, quartz tubes, volcanic stones and so on.

2. Different barbecue forms(BBQ grill)
Barbecue ovens can be divided into manual barbecue ovens and automatic barbecue ovens according to different barbecue forms.
Manual barbecue oven
The manual barbecue oven, also known as the traditional barbecue oven, refers to the barbecue oven dominated by manual roasting when baking strings, which is not limited to charcoal barbecue oven, gas barbecue oven or electric barbecue oven. As long as it needs manual roasting, it is collectively referred to as the manual barbecue oven.

Automatic barbecue oven is a new type of barbecue oven, which is composed of furnace body, turnover device, thermal insulation support and so on. Different from manual roasting, automatic barbecue oven is roasted by machine, which liberates manual work, and the baked food is heated more evenly. Automatic barbecue ovens can be divided into small automatic barbecue ovens and large automatic barbecue ovens according to the number of kebabs at a time. Small automatic barbecue ovens can only bake several or more strings at a time, while large automatic barbecue ovens can bake hundreds of strings at a time.

3. Different usage scenarios(BBQ grill)
Commercial barbecue oven
According to different use scenarios, barbecue ovens can be divided into domestic barbecue ovens and commercial barbecue ovens. Most domestic barbecue ovens can only bake a few or more strings, while commercial barbecue ovens can bake more than ten to hundreds of strings at a time, and the structure is more complex.