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The introduction of the BBQ grill


Barbecue grill is a kind of barbecue equipment, which can be used to make barbecue food such as roast mutton kebabs, roast meat, roast vegetables and so on. The essence of the barbecue grill is to heat and cook food through the heat source. In the narrow sense, the barbecue grill refers to the common barbecue grill, which can cover different forms such as Teppanyaki in the broad sense.

According to different heating sources, barbecue grills can be divided into charcoal barbecue grills, gas barbecue grills and electric barbecue grills; According to different forms of barbecue, it can be divided into manual barbecue grill and automatic barbecue grill; According to different uses, it can be divided into household barbecue grill and commercial barbecue grill.