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The function of different types of fire pits


Oil fire pit
A fire pit whose fuel needs to be pressurized
Such fire pits are usually equipped with pump devices, which can inject air into the fuel bottle, increase the pressure in the bottle, and then send the fuel into the furnace head. The multi-purpose stove can even be used for a variety of fuels, such as gasoline, kerosene and degreasing oil. If you choose gasoline as fuel, it is better to use unleaded gasoline with low octane number.

Recommended: self service travel, field travel or hiking

Gas fire pit
At present, there are many fire pit styles to choose from. When choosing, make sure that the furnace head has a sealing ring, which can be closely combined with the gas tank without air leakage. There are propane, butane, isobutane and other types of gas. Generally, high mountain gas tanks are mostly mixed, which can help the combustion be stable and continuous, and can still be operated at minus 1 ℃.

Recommended for use: developed countries, high altitude environment