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The role of Fireplace


1. It can be used for decoration, as well as for heating in winter, and for family and friends to have dinner and barbecue!

2. It is very convenient to use a fireplace for barbecue, and now there are also portable real fire fireplaces, which are very beautiful and suitable for families, colleagues and friends to go out for barbecues and picnics.

3. For barbecue. But generally villas are placed indoors.

Wood-burning fireplaces are generally used indoors, and outdoor real-fire fireplaces can be gas fireplaces and alcohol fireplaces.

Domestic small stoves use briquettes, while European-style stoves use gas and fuel. The working principle of European villa stove is mainly composed of heat, oxygen, fuel and chain reaction. The stove of the European style villa is mainly used for heating in winter. The first is that the flame will quickly reach the ignition point after it is ignited in the stove.

The temperature will continue to rise, within about 5-10 seconds. When there is more and more oxygen in the furnace, the temperature in the furnace will become higher and higher, and the unburned combustible materials will reach the ignition point in the enclosed space of the furnace. Later, after the heat of the stove stabilizes, the working principle is done.