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How to use the home barbecue


Read the instruction manual carefully before use. Then start to make a fire in the grill, just put the charcoal into a pyramid shape, and then use combustible paper to light the charcoal. After the charcoal is burned, put the barbecue net on it, and then brush a layer of oil on the surface of the barbecue net to grill the food. When grilling food, be careful that quick-frozen foods must be completely defrosted. In addition, after using it, make sure that the charcoal fire is completely extinguished before the sundries inside can be processed.
The method of using the household barbecue grill is as follows:
1. Read the instruction manual carefully before use, and then start to light a fire in the grill. The method of making a fire is as follows: first build the charcoal into a pyramid shape, and make sure that there is enough air in the charcoal. Then use flammable paper to ignite the charcoal. After the charcoal burns, place the grill on the charcoal and apply a layer of oil.
2. After use, extinguish the charcoal fire with sand or water. After confirming that it is extinguished, the sundries inside can be thrown into the fire-resistant and heat-resistant metal trash can.
The precautions when grilling are as follows:
1. Pay attention to fire prevention. When grilling, keep away from flammable materials and close to water sources, and prepare water in containers such as buckets, and place them next to the oven for precautions. If a hidden danger occurs, it must be extinguished with water in time. If the fire is expanding, the fire alarm must be contacted in time.
2. Take care to prevent scalding. When grilling, be careful not to let children approach the oven, and don't let them play or play in the barbecue area. Secondly, the oven itself is very hot, so don't touch it. You can prepare some anti-scald medicines, which is also a good preventive measure.
3. Pay attention to food safety. When grilling food, be sure to roast the food before eating it. If you don't wait for the food to be completely roasted and eat it, food safety problems will easily occur. Secondly, if it is outdoors, the storage conditions of the food will be poor, so it should be grilled and eaten as soon as possible. For food that has been exposed to the air for a long time, carefully confirm its freshness before deciding whether it is suitable for consumption.

Article summary: The above is the whole content of how to use the household barbecue grill and the precautions during barbecue. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.