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Smokeless BBQ Grill Precautions


1. Be careful during transportation, do not put it upside down, put it on its side, press it heavily, or vibrate violently to avoid damage. If the infrared burning plate (burner head) of the barbecue stove falls off due to severe vibration and bumps, please don't panic, just restore the plate directly (slightly pull down the round hole iron plate used to clamp the plate, put the hollow cylinder head of the plate Just put it in, you can also drop the screw in the middle of the board, put the hollow cylinder head of the board into the round hole iron sheet, and then fix the screw).
2. All BBQ Gas Grill use low pressure valves (such as valves used in household gas tanks), and it is forbidden to use medium pressure valves or high pressure valves.
3. When gas leakage is found, the gas valve should be closed immediately, and repaired by the maintenance department before use (if there is a small problem, the general gas stove repairer can solve it).
4. When grilling, you should avoid throwing water and oil at will, and avoid dripping oil on the burning plate, otherwise it will produce a certain amount of oil smoke.
5. The barbecue grill on the top of the barbecue grill is a wire structure. During the long-term high-temperature barbecue process, the physical reaction of thermal expansion and contraction will occur, becoming slightly soft, or slightly distorted, which is a normal phenomenon. Due to the limitation of the maximum temperature of the barbecue, the grill will never be burned. When the grill is deformed, it is only necessary to use a tool to slightly move it to the center. After the barbecue is over, the deformed Barbecue grills generally cool down and recover automatically. Of course, if you need a stronger barbecue grill, it is recommended that you can order a pure steel structure grill in a street hardware store, which is not easily deformed.
6. During the barbecue process, there must be water at the bottom of the stove, not dry burning.
7. Barbecue oven with fan, fan start-up time: generally 70cm-1.2m barbecue oven with fan (small electric fan on the side). For a barbecue with a fan, the fan opening time should be set to ignite the infrared panel until it turns red. Generally, you can choose to turn on the fan 3-5 minutes after starting the fire.

The function of the fan: blowing and conveying air (oxygen) to the combustion chamber of the barbecue, realizing the secondary circulation combustion of petroleum liquefied gas, and avoiding the waste of a little insufficiently burned liquefied gas.